Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

While the purpose of outdoor lights is to create sufficient light, they can also influence the overall aesthetic impression of their surroundings. Therefore, modern outdoor lights should combine functionality and design in an optimal way. 
LOOM Design has produced a wide variety of lights that are ideal for outdoor use, such as in the garden, on the terrace or along walkways. Furthermore, as all our outdoor lights come in elegant and exclusive Scandinavian designs, they are well suited to both private and commercial customers.

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Modern outdoor lights for every need

Although outdoor lights need to produce the correct amount of light, they can also play a significant role in the design of their surroundings. This is the case whether you need basic lighting for paths, steps or entrance areas, or atmospheric lighting for your terrace or garden. Therefore, outdoor lighting is often required to cater different needs.

Our exclusive, high-quality outdoor lights are perfect for modern aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Regardless of whether you are looking for garden lights, wall lights or battery-operated lights, you can be sure of finding modern design, exciting functionality, high-quality materials and – of course – efficient lighting.

Thought-out design and functionality

Simple Scandinavian design is a popular choice when it comes to both outdoor and indoor lighting. Elegant and minimalist designs often reflect an air of exclusivity, and blend in seamlessly with Nordic décor. This is evident in the range of outdoor lights from LOOM Design.

Our focus is on uniting elegant designs and high-quality materials with modern functionality, such as LED lights, solar panels, and IP65 ratings. This has resulted in a broad selection of exclusive outdoor lights that cater to every need and stylistic taste.

Outdoor lighting for private and commercial surroundings

Regardless of whether you need outdoor lights for private or commercial surroundings, LOOM Design’s lighting solutions cater to many of the same aesthetic preferences and functional requirements – namely, that they embody a combination of design, functionality, and quality.

Our range of outdoor lights is perfect for both private areas around (or inside) your home and outside commercial environments, such as hotels, restaurants, and traditional businesses. This is modern outdoor lighting at its best.