Pendant Lighting

Modern designer pendant lights are more than just a source of lighting. They are an integral part of the décor and add style that supports the desired expression. 

Pendant lights unite functionality and high quality with exclusive Scandinavian design. In the range of pendant lights below, it is therefore easy to find the perfect pendant lighting for a modern interior.

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Pendant lights with a focus on design and quality

A pendant light is not just a source of light. It's much more than that - or should be. Modern lighting solutions should not only meet the need for good lighting; they should also be designed to become an integral part of the interior design – and contribute positively.

Pendant lights from LOOM Design have a strong focus on creating functional lighting in beautiful Scandinavian design. It is possible for aesthetics and quality to complement each other perfectly. This can be seen in our range of pendant lamps that unite the best at all levels. High quality materials, smart functionality and exclusive design.

An integral part of the interior

Unlike many types of spots that are minimalistic, small and subdued by nature – and sometimes almost invisible – pendant lights are more visible and eye-catching. Therefore, it is also important to think about how new pendant lights fit into the interior so they support the desired style. Fortunately, it's easy with pendant lights from LOOM Design.

With efficient LED lighting, exclusive design and high quality materials, the many stylish pendant lights have what is needed – and expected. Therefore, they fit perfectly into modern décor and complement modern needs.

Pendant lights for any room and need

Searching for modern indoor lighting for a particular room or interior style, a LOOM Design lamp is a really good choice. Especially when it comes to pendant lights. The range of pendant lights here fits perfectly in many different rooms and surroundings. Both in private homes and in more commercial and professional environments, such as hotels, restaurants and workplaces.