Designer lighting parts and accessories should not just work as expected; they should be smart and well thought out to increase value and happiness. LOOM Design has a wide range of lighting accessories, containing exciting solutions that contribute to much more than just the general functionality of the light.
With the selection of lighting accessories, the aim is to cater to the diverse wants and needs of both private and commercial customers. But also to add additional value and useability - just as you would expect from modern lighting solutions.

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Smart lighting accessories create extra value

At LOOM Design, we strive to produce modern indoor lights and outdoor lights that unite quality, design, and functionality. The same applies to our range of lighting parts and accessories – which should result in gaining greater happiness and advantages from all your lighting solutions.

However, modern lighting accessories should not just replace something – they should also increase the perceived value of the light by contributing something extra. Accessories for designer lights often excel at this by creating different types of light, making charging more efficient, making lights more versatile and functional, etc. In this way, smart accessories cater to modern needs and create extra value for both private and commercial customers.