Wall Lights

Designer wall lights should not only produce sufficient basic lighting that makes it easier to move around. They should also add a decorative element to their surroundings.
Wall lights from LOOM Design combine high quality and innovative functionality with modern, Scandinavian design. Therefore, the range of wall lights below is perfect for both private and commercial customers looking for modern lighting solutions.

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Wall lighting for modern wants and needs

The main purpose of wall lights is undoubtedly to create efficient light indoor and outdoor. However, designer wall lights should also contribute positively to the décor and general aesthetic expression of their surroundings. When it comes to contemporary wall lights, modern aesthetic preferences and functional requirements require the best of all these aspects.

Whether innovative functionality, high-quality materials, or elegant and exclusive designs is prioritised, wall lights from LOOM Design cater to such needs.

Elegant designs and efficient lighting

LOOM Design’s range of wall lights unites key elements, such as modern design and high-quality materials. We pride ourselves on producing lighting in beautiful Scandinavian styles that work efficiently.

However, modern wall lighting is simultaneously much more than that. Innovative functionality helps to create exciting lighting solutions and gives the lights an added touch of exclusivity. We consider modern needs for versatile and functional lighting through smart features, such as light dimmers, IP65 ratings, LED lenses, and energy efficient lighting technology.

Wall lighting for private and commercial customers

The combination of design, quality and functionality make the range of indoor and outdoor lights from LOOM Design ideal for various aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Therefore, wall lights are also well suited to both private and commercial surroundings.

Wherever the wall light will be used, one is guaranteed to find an exciting range of stylish possibilities in the selection, which are perfect for contemporary environments and needs – just as modern lighting solutions should be.