Battery-operated lights

Battery-operated lights are functional and efficient, making them the obvious choice in terms of versatile and practical lighting. However, modern needs require battery-operated lights to be more than just useable, practical and with smart functionality. They should also be aesthetically pleasing and contribute positively to the interior design of a room – even when switched off. 
LOOM Design’s range of battery-operated lights consist of modern lighting solutions that unite design, quality, and functionality. The focus is on lights in an elegant Scandinavian style for both private and commercial customers.

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Battery-operated lights that meet modern needs

Battery-operated lights are incredibly smart. The possibility of achieving efficient lighting, no matter where you are, also make them indispensable in most situations.

These days, most customers expect design and functionality to go hand in hand. Our battery-powered lights combine smart characteristics and practical usability with fashionable and sophisticated designs, which means they cater perfectly to modern needs.

An impressive combination of design and functionality

Scandinavian designs are a popular choice in the lighting world due to their simple and elegant styles. This is evident in the range of spotlights and ceiling lights – however, it also applies to the selection of battery-operated lights, which are made to cater to various needs and wants by ensuring hours of sufficient light in different environments or in special conditions.

At LOOM Design, we strive to create battery-operated lights that prioritise design, quality, and functionality, whether they are table lamps, garden lights, or another type of modern, LED lights. We believe that modern lighting should be simultaneously smart and functional.

Battery-operated lights for every style

All the battery-operated lights on this page are characterised by their ability to be used across different rooms and environments – both inside and outside. To a great extent, this is due to the lights’ versatility and functionality, not to mention their smart features, such as practical handles, lighting fast USB charging and IP65 rating.

In private surroundings, battery-operated lights are a great fit throughout the entire home: inside in the living room or entrance hall, or outside in the garden or on the terrace. It is also easy to combine different battery-operated lights to accommodate the décor of each area of your home.

Naturally, battery-operated lights are also perfect for commercial surroundings, such as hotels and restaurants. When it comes to battery-operated lighting that unites design, functionality and quality in the best possible way, the possibilities are almost endless.